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maria nila colour refresh masks

Maria Nila Colour Refresh is a gentle hair masque with non-permanent colour pigments. By using Colour Refresh you can easily either intensify your current colour or change the colour of your hair. The colour washes out successively and stays in your hair for about 4–10 washes. With each product a box with 2 pair of high quality gloves is included. The result depends on the quality of the hair (the masque will be more intense in treated or porous hair). To get the perfect nuance you can mix the different Colour Refresh colours with each other or use the White Mix to dilute the prefered colour.

1. Wash your hair - Shampoo your hair and rinse out with water. This will prepare your hair for the treatment, and make sure that the pigments can attach to the hair.
2. Towel dry the hair - Squeeze out excess water and gently towel dry your hair.
3. Mix & apply colour refresh - Mix your shade or use a plain colour refresh. Make sure to apply throughout the entire hair for an even result, using fingers or a comb.
Please consider using gloves.
4. Let it sit - Let sit for 3–10 minutes depending on desired intensity.
5. Rinse - Use plenty of water to get rid of any excess colour.
6. Conditioner - Finish the treatment with a conditioner. This will close the cuticle and make sure that the pigments don't rinse out.

Remember to always inform your hairdresser when you have used Colour Refresh as you should not bleach right after a treatment.